Windows 10 New Update: What is it and How to Use it

Microsoft released an update of Windows 10 which is much more advanced and fast, it also fixes bugs and brings new features into the updated version.

New Features of Windows 10 update

1.    New Dark Mode for Explorer

2.    New Snip & Sketch tool for Screenshot

3.    The new Your Phone App for Android phone

4.    New & Upgraded Start Menu Search

5.    New clipboard history & sync feature

6.    New & separate font size slider feature

What is the new Dark Mode feature for Explorer?

Microsoft updates the old white Explorer theme with the new Dark theme. Now a day Dark themes and styles are becoming more popular. Everything is designed with dark. Mostly apps and services come with a dark mode feature. So, a few years back Microsoft updates its Windows 10 with the dark theme but it doesn’t add back mode into its File Explorer, it remains in white theme. But With the updated new Windows 10, Microsoft also modifies it with the Dark theme. This will make File Explorer more clear and attractive.

How to use the Dark Mode feature for Explorer?

Enabling Dark mode feature on your system is simple. Here is how to enable it on your PC,

1.    Open ‘Settings’ of your Window 10 device.

2.    Go to ‘Personalization’ section.

3.    Open ‘Colours’.

4.    Now, scroll toward down into colours Window.

5.    Go to ‘App mode’ section near the bottom of the Colours Windows.

6.    And choose your default app mode to ‘Dark’.

Now, dark mode is activated and everything changes to dark theme including File Explorer menu, Refresh context menu.

What is New Snip & Sketch tool for Screenshot?

Microsoft updated its old Snipping Tools with the new Snip & Sketch screenshot tool. Snip & Sketch tool introduces a new way of taking the screenshot in Window 10 although it lacks some essential features of previous Snipping tool. The new screenshot tool is easy to access and also make quick screenshot sharing. It also added two more new way of taking screenshots.

How to use new Snip & Sketch tool of updated Windows 10?

Apart from the previous ways of taking screenshots “Windows key + Shift+S” the two new more methods are, you can use ‘PntScn’ key to start screen snipping.

To add a new key: go to ‘Settings’ then ‘Ease of Access’ and then ‘Keyboard’.

Or navigate to ‘Action Center’ for new ‘Screen Snip’ buttons.

What is the new Your Phone App for Android Phone?

Microsoft also added Your Phone app into new updated Windows 10. With this app, Android user easily open and access their Android phone’s Photos over their Window 10 device, use Phone app for messaging. This step helps very much to the Android user, but iPhone users can’t take this much benefit of the Your Phone app.

How to use new Your Phone app of Windows 10?

1.    Open ‘Start menu’.

2.    And search for ‘Your Phone’ through start menu search.

To connect your Android/iPhone mobile:

1.    Open ‘Your Phone’ app.

2.    Click on ‘Get started’ button and go through with the instructions.

3.    Add your ‘Phone number’.

4.    And hit ‘Send’ button. You will receive message contains a link on your phone number.

5.    Use the link to install the app and open it.

6.    Sign in with your Microsoft account to finish linking process.

Now, Your Phone app is ready to use.

What is New & Upgraded Start Menu Search?

Microsoft added more feature into the ‘Start Menu’ of the updated Windows 10. If you use the start menu too much, then you’ll automatically experience the new features. It makes your search more clear by categorising search results, a broader and Advanced User interface, faster search and some other good and advanced features. Microsoft added some other advanced features in Windows 10 new update. The new updated version is much faster than previous Windows 10. Just upgrade your old Windows PC with the new one and experience itself.

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