What are the Safety tips for Snapchat

Nowadays, users are more concern about their privacy in Snapchat. They don’t want to share their snaps publicly and wanted to be secure while using Snapchat in their day to day life. Snaps and Chats which are sent in Snapchat get removed in a while.

Follow these guidelines to keep your Snapchat account secure:

  1. Don’t follow unknown peoples to your friend list.

 Snapchat give suggestions to users according to mutual relation you have with them and of your best friends. You can add the people you know that you can trust them.

  • Who try to message you Block that stranger.

 If you are ignoring some stranger and declining his message, but repeatedly someone is messaging you then you should block them. This is a good idea to block them.

•    Who send you useless or unsuitable snaps you should not feel bad to block them in your contact list.

  • Don’t send unsuitable snaps.

If you have trust in your friends and you still snapping your friend, you have to know that anyone can check your snap as soon as they can open it.

  • Location option should be turned off.

 It is more exciting to use the filter in your snapchat account but be sure that don’t use that filter which is showing your location for your privacy concern.

•    If you take a photo of anything, try to use “pen” option, and the censor of the pen should out of the cars, address, etc.

  • Do not share personal stuff on Snapchat

 If you are sending your details to your friend you trust, your snaps become public instead of private when you press the send button, outside of your contact list if you don’t like to share then you should leave it for in personal conversation.

6. About your age, you should be honest.

If you are 13 years old and you are lying about your age while chatting with someone, it is better, to be honest.

•    On social media, it should be much safe if you don’t share your age or any other personal information. You can do this only to whom you trust.

7. Confirm you are on the user profile page.

You will see a yellow symbol code at the top.

•    Every people have their unique code in the Snapchat account, and you will always get different Snapcode if you make multiple accounts. •    In the snap code, there may be a bitmoji, face, or white ghost. If you install the “Bitmoji” application on any gadgets, you can create your character as per your wish and then link it to your Snapchat account.

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