Top 7 Launcher Apps for Android in 2019

Android launcher apps are great for giving a new look and feel to your phone. They have been in the market for a long time and preferred by many for use. From app icons to home screen look to the overall theme and more, you can change almost everything on your phone with the use of launcher apps. You will not have to stay limited with the features that the particular Android version features on your Android device. There are a lot of exciting features and customizable options that you get with these launcher apps.

Here are the best Android Launcher apps for you:

1. Nova Launcher

If we talk about one of the best and first Android launcher apps, Nova Launcher is one of them. It is a popular app, which is known for its exciting customization features such as gesture support, icon pack support, and more. Its developers timely update this app to ensure the smooth operation of this launcher app. You even get color customization options and an app drawer that can be customized accordingly, too. The backup and restore option featured in this app adds more to it.

2. Action Launcher: Pixel Edition

Action Launcher app is an excellent option for the ones who love pixel devices. It consists of almost the features of the Pixel Smartphone and Android Pie, respectively. You get the option to import the existing layouts, as well, from other launchers such as Nova, Google Now Launcher, HTC Sense, Apex, and more. There is a customizable search box that you get with the Action Launcher. Also, it shows weather updates as well as calendar and date appointments.

3. Evie Launcher

The outstanding gesture controls being offered with this app makes it ideal for use. It also allows users to take the back up of its layout in Google Drive. You will get a lot of exciting customization option in this app too. It is a free app available on the Google Play Store, and one the best launcher apps available over there. Its recent update offered plenty of new features to the users such as the choice of selecting an ideal search engine, locking home screen icons, and much more.

4. Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft is known for best-in-class products. Its Microsoft Launcher app is also another masterpiece by the team. It lets you manage things with ease and gives a whole new look to your Android phone. The digital assistant that this particular apps offer makes it stand out from the rest. If you already own a Microsoft account, you get an extra advantage as you will be able to access the calendar, documents, and other things quickly.

5. Smart Launcher 5

If you want to enjoy out-of-the-box features with an Android launcher app, Smart Launcher 5 is the perfect option for you. It is entirely customizable and comes packed with a lot of icon packs and themes. You can easily make your home screen look different using them. This app gets updated by its developers every now and then, which makes it different from various Launcher apps. You can easily use it with most of the Android devices.

6. Apex Launcher

Choose the Apex Launcher app for changing the stock Android look. There are thousands of ideal icon packs and themes that are compatible with this app. You can download them through the Google Play Store app on your Android phone. The best thing about this app that it arranges the app on your phone according to the name, date of installation, and even how often you use them. Also, this app comes optimized for both tablets and smartphones.

7. Google Now Launcher

Google is known for a myriad of helpful and fun products and apps too. It is famous – because of its search engine, Android, and more – all around the world and provides a launcher app to Android users also. As it is a Google product, you will find no difficulty in integrating with various Google services. Even, it allows users to manage the bar design of Google search from the home screen only. To quickly search any app on your phone and fast scroll, you must choose this excellent launcher app being offered by the tech-giant Google itself.

So, if you like to play with the overall look of your phone and love customization, you need to check these apps out. Among these apps, Evie launcher and Microsoft Launcher app are the best options for those who need a lightweight and easy to use launcher app. But, for those who best customization option, Nova launcher and Action launcher are the best picks!

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