August 16, 2019 | | Office setup

MS Office has many programs which include MS Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, PowerPoint, and Outlook. All these programs provide different services to their users and supportable to both the Windows and Mac system. Nowadays, Microsoft Office is commonly used for business and daily purpose. MS Office uses to make documents and presentations in MS Office PowerPoint. This productivity software becomes essential to everyone so it will be suitable to download, install and activate on the system from

MS Office Features

  • Convert file formats/ extensions easily
  • Data security for online office users
  • Smart editing and formatting options
  • Real-time colorations
  • Auto-save and correct
  • Advanced time filtering features
  • Create and customize filters on excel sheets
  • Share files with restricted accesses

Download and Install Microsoft Office Setup

office 365

The users can get the Microsoft Office Setup from both the online or offline mode. In an online way, , the user has to visit on the Microsoft Office official site, and in offline mode, the user has to purchase the Microsoft Office Setup from the shop. If the users like to download and install the Microsoft Office Setup on the device, then they should follow the steps listed below.

  • The users have to bring the Microsoft Office setup from the market or from online by going to the official site.
  • The 25-digit alphanumeric product code will be on the end of the Microsoft Office setup cover if the user brought from the offline mode or if the user brought Microsoft Office setup from the offline process, then the product code will be on the email address of Microsoft Office account.
  • Open the official site of Microsoft Office on the browser and log in there by writing the Microsoft Office email address and password.
  • Type the Microsoft Office setup product code provided at the end of the retail card or the official site of Microsoft Office.
  • Remember to note that product code which is appearing on the Microsoft Office page otherwise it will get disappear from the desktop.
  • The users have to log in first, if they have the Microsoft Office account otherwise make new Microsoft Office accounts which require a few information.
  • The user will see the “Install” option provided on the Microsoft Office webpage, and after pressing on that option, it begins the installation of the Microsoft Office setup to the device.
  • The further steps the users have to do are to press on the “Run” option on the Microsoft Office webpage.
  • Go through the guidelines provided on the screen. After that, tap on “Next” option to go to the further steps.
  • The user has to remain on the current webpage while the download and install process is going on the device.
  • Once the process of downloading gets completed, tap on the “All done” option to complete the process of installing on the computer.

Activate Microsoft Office Setup

The activation process of Microsoft Office Setup needed a 25-digit alphanumeric product code whether it is provided on the retail card or in the official site of Microsoft Office. Go through the activation steps listed below to begin the activation of Microsoft product after downloading and installing it.

  • After going to the both downloading and installing process, now the users have to activate the Microsoft Office Setup.
  • Go to the Microsoft Office installed apps and press twice on it.
  • After that, log in to the Microsoft Office account by writing the required information which includes an email address and password. The users will get the login option on the home page of Microsoft Office.
  • The page of product key will appear on the screen, type the product code which is given on the retail card or in the Microsoft Office official site.
  • Let the activating process of the Microsoft Office Setup to finish.
  • Start the system again.
  • The user can apply the above steps in case they like to download, install and activate Office setup on other systems.