How to Rent Books on Kindle

In the US, Kindle customers can hire books from more than “11000 libraries”. Owners can even grant a copy of the books. Go through the process given here to borrow a Kindle book.

Some of the prerequisites tips:

  • Amazon will tell both recipient and the borrower through the email three days before the loan gets expired.
  • One needs a “library card” for the department of the library that you want to borrow from.
  • Try to sign up at a local branch as it will be the proof of your residency.
  • Some of the eligible members of Amazon can borrow chosen titles that aren’t readily available.
  • If searching for a particular book in library eBook then enclose title in quotations in the search bar.
  • Users will get the proper match without even browsing now.
  • You have a Kindle book that you need to lend then check out if it is feasible for lending.
  • Go to the Manage your Kindle site.
  • Users will see Loan this book option if lending is available.
  • Tap on that particular button and write the name of the recipient with their email address.
  • Many sites are there that offer free eBooks — for example- The Internet Archive and Gutenberg.
  • Owners of Kindle could borrow the books from a site named as Lendle.
  • Some of the books are published differently so you can face some difficulty in finding out the books.
  • Just give Kindle books on rent to save your money. maximum of the books may be lent for a month. 

Follow the below given process then:

  • Launch the OverDrive website and find out if the local library branch can lend Kindle books.

Users need to have a library card for borrowing any book.

  • Tap on Library Search.
  • Write the library’s name and the postal code or the city.
  • If the library has electronic resources, then it will show on the drop-down list of menu.
  • Open the library’s website
  • Now sign into your account

Write your name and number of the library.

  • Look for the eBooks
  • Each site of the library is different.
  • Look around to find out the link.
  • Some sites are calling this area as downloadable book/eBooks or digital media.
  • Browse the selection

Just type in Book’s title if you are aware of the search.

  • Tap on the title that you have to borrow.
  • Follow instructions of the website to check the eBooks out.
  • Users will get two options for getting a book on Kindle or through any other device.
  • Select Get for Kindle when you need the book that is sent to Kindle.
  • It will redirect the user to the “public library” loan page.
  • Select the device or the app from the delivery to the menu and select Get library book for sending the book to the device.

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