How to record screen on Windows 7 using ScreenRecorder

Do you want to capture your Windows 7 PC screen? You can use ScreenRecorder to do so. Let’s check out how:

1.    Launch the ScreenRecorder page.

2.    Download its installer on your computer.

3.    Find the downloaded file – You can find your downloaded files in the “Download” folder.

4.    Double press the setup file – By double-clicking, it will launch the installation window.

5.    Installing the ScreenRecorder – Press Yes when prompted and then hit the installation by clicking it, Press OK and once again press OK when prompted.

6.    Launch the installation folder – Visit the location in which you installed ScreenRecorder, then double press the Utility Online March 09 folder.

7.    Double press the “64-bit” folder- This you’ll find in the upper part of your installation folder.

If  you’re using a 32-bit processor, you have to double press the “32-bit.”

If you are in doubt whether you’re using 64-bit or 32-bit, you can check this from computer’s bit number.

8.    Double press the “ScreenRecorder” button – It resembles your computer.

9.    Do the installation of the Windows Media Encoder 9

10.    Complete Installation of ScreenRecorder–You have to double press the “ScreenRecorder’ button and then accordingly install ScreenRecorder in the default location.

11.    Launch ScreenRecorder – You have to double press the ScreenRecorder shortcut on your PC to launch it.

12.    Choose the stuff you wish to record – Press the menu-down box on the left side of the ScreenRecorder bar, then choose either FULL SCREEN or your defined window.

13.    Tick the Audio box to allow audio recording– If your mic is connected, you can tick the Audio box to enable audio recording together with the video capture. It will let you narrate what you are performing in the video.

•    ScreenRecorder applies your default Windows settings for audio settings.

•    You can modify audio levels with the help of the volume settings in the System.

14.    Determine if you wish the border of your window to flesh – This setting makes the border of your window that’s being recorded to flash. It won’t appear in your recorded video.

If you don’t wish your border to flash, check the “No Border Flashing” box before continuing.

15.    Press OK – This you will find at the centre of the ScreenRecorder window. It will launch your recording tool.

16.    Define a name and file location – Press the button located at the upper part of the recording tool to perform.

ScreenRecorder usually records in WMV format.

17.    Press the Start Button – ScreenRecorder will start recording in your defined location.

Press on the yellow button to pause recording.

18.    Click Stop button once it’s complete the recording. Hope this article helps you.

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