How to Create a Bootable USB in Windows 10

CD and DVD are the most revolutionary innovation for the storage and transportation of data of data, but they passed there last age. USB replaced them entirely from the trend, and now there are very few people who used to burn CD and DVD. USB is more convenient and friendly gadget then CD.

Generally, we had been using CD to boot our system during format and reinstallation of the operating system. Now, when CD is out of fashion, then we also have to move forward and try to use USB for the installation purpose.

Now, the question arises that how can we convert a USB into bootable form.

Following steps help you to convert your USB into bootable.

Phase 1

  1. Place your USB into your system.
  2. Go to the window button, type cmd into the search box. It opens the command prompt window. Select Run as Administrator to open the command prompt.
  3. You can do it by Pressing Window and r button simultaneously and then open command prompt by entering cmd.
  4. When Cmd screen appears, write and enter didkpart.
  5. Wait for a while till utility starts it’s functioning.
  6. Write list disk in the Diskpart prompt and press enter. This reflects all drives which are live on your system.
  7. It is possible that you can find only two class of disk.

8. Your hard drive is represented as Disk 0, and the USB with its storage capacity refer as Disk1.

 As we are planning to make USB bootable, so select Disk1 tom perform your action.

  • Press Enter after writing select disk 1 into the on-screen prompt. It reverts you with an alert asking that “ Disk 1 is now the selected disk “.

This message tries to convey to you that any activity from now infects the disk1.              

Phase 2

  1. Write clean and press enter button to erase all the information present in the USB.
  2. It will format the USB and flash a message asking that Diskpart successfully clean your USB.
  3. Press Enter after writing “create primary partition”. It will forward a message to you about the successful creation of partition of your USB.
  4. Select Partition 1 and press Enter. It sets partition into the active state.
  5. Select Active and press Enter.
  6. Select format fs=ntfs quick and press Enter.
  7. Select exit and press enter. Now you are out of Diskpart program but not from cmd.
  8. Now you can burn the content into it by some simple cmd commands.

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