Fortnite: How to Locate Season 7 Week 10 Secret Banner

Fortnite season 7 is on the verge of ending, and gamers are currently working on accomplishing the week 10 challenges before the season 8 is introduced.

Fans of Fortnite are busy with a number of tasks and events included by the developers at Epic. This includes unlocking the Prisoner skin and upgrading its stage, unlocking Ice King skin and fulfilling other in-game weekly challenges.

As completing challenges and events assures Battle Stars which can be used to level up the Battle Pass tire. Players have to finish a number of tasks for week 10, which includes searching for the Expedition Outpost, Healing health from Environmental Campfire and many others.

Those players who complete all the weekly challenges, including the latest week 10 Snowfall challenges will be able to access the secrete Banner. The Secret Banner will allow players to grab on to the Battle star for improving the Battle Pass tire.

Gamers have an excellent opportunity to level up there Battle Pass by using the Battle Star to unlock the cosmetics for in-game use and those who successfully unlock the Secret Banner can set it as their profile icon. 

Still to locate the banner is not that simple of a task and requires keen eyes while viewing the loading screen. As the designated location of the hidden battle star is hinted at the loading screen.

Pro players would be able to figure out the exact location. Still, the loading screen showcases the recently added Legendary Skin, Prisoner character sitting beside the Environmental Campfire which does not disclose much about the location for the secret Banner.

As the new Environmental Campfire is spread all across the map in various locations, it is hard to guess the provided hint in the loading screen. But if you carefully analyze the surroundings, you will find a single tree in a deserted landscape.

If you head across the racing track from the opposite direction, you will find a single tree in a deserted area. The secret Banner is located precisely near the tree, where players can quickly grab it by interacting with the Banner. 

Still, one crucial point to remember is that Secret Banner would only appear if the player has completed all the 10-week challenges. If any of the challenges are skipped or missed, the Secret Banner would not appear at the designated location for those players. So before heading to the targeted location make sure to complete all the designated challenges and try to finish them as soon as possible as season 8 is expected to release post completion of Week 10 of season 7.

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