Office Setup - Download, Install and from

What is Microsoft Office?

As there are multiple applications, Microsoft offers applications in groups through suites. Hence, there is a suite for business professionals, students, and individuals that consist of the relevant applications for them. These Microsoft Office suites are specially designed to increase the productivity of the users and are priced according to the included applications. If you use the cloud service provided by Microsoft, you can easily have a backup of your data and check it later on when you want. So, get the desired Microsoft Office product by visiting

MS Office Features

  • Outstanding options to edit and format information
  • Easy to integrate with Skype and OneDrive
  • Changing formats and extensions of files is possible
  • Utmost information security for online users
  • Auto-save for saving files automatically
  • Share data easily with others
  • Offers useful filters on Excel

Way to get Microsoft Office?

It is possible to purchase Microsoft Office suite either online or offline. Once you bought the desired product, you can move to the download and installation process. You must get the product activation code to use all the features from the plan successfully.

If you are not able to access Office account on or you don't own an account over there, the process for buying the plan is given below for you. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit and create an account.
  2. Then, go to the official website of Microsoft Office and click on the 'Office' option over there.
  3. Choose the ideal plan from the given options, which are for business, for education, and for home.
  4. Pay the asked amount and get the dedicated product activation key.
  5. Click on the plus option in your browser to go to a new tab.
  6. Open your registered account and save the product key from there for further use.

Microsoft Office Products

Microsoft Office productivity suites are grouped into three different categories for users - Microsoft Office for Home, Microsoft Office for Business, and Microsoft Office for Education. The applications inside these packages are almost the same, but the utilities are offered according to the subscription plan. These are the most excellent MS Office products:

  • MS Office productivity suite: You get applications such as MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS Word, and more in the MS Office productivity suites.
  • Outlook: The exchange of emails is done swiftly and efficiently with the Microsoft Office Outlook.
  • Skype: Make voice and video call with the use of the internet through Skype. It is ideal for both personal and professional use.
  • Xbox: Microsoft stepped into the gaming world with Xbox.
  • Microsoft Teams: Work in collaboration with your colleagues through Microsoft Teams.

How to download, install and activate Microsoft Office setup?

  1. Launch your web browser and log in to
  2. Select the product you want from there.
  3. Click on the Download button available with the chosen product.
  4. Download the Office setup file on your computer.
  5. After successfully downloading the setup file, you need to install the product.
  6. Start with the installation process by clicking on the checkbox and accepting the given agreements on the screen.
  7. Then, move ahead by clicking the 'I Agree' button and allowing it to access your computer.
  8. Hit the Install button now.
  9. Follow the given prompts on display and your Office product will be installed.
  10. After installation, open the installed application to activate the product.
  11. Enter the saved product activation code in the demanded section and activate the product.
  12. You can start using the purchased Office product now.